By M.Lagouvardos

An etymology made by the Westerners about the name "Slavs" is at least unfortunate if it is true. I am not an expert and with any reservation I express my opinion: They think that the name "Slavs" comes out of the name "slave" (:)) While it comes out of the Russian name "Slav" meaning salvation and "Slavs" "saviors" or "saved." List the name "Pravda Slava" which means "True Salvation". Pravntaslava called the Slavs Orthodoxy. The name Sotirios the Westerns make it "slave". Blatant injustice.
The name "slaves" took it from the Greek "slave" and should normally be referred to as "skeleys", not "slaves". You will tell me there is a bad language. Do you say it does not exist? In us, the Greek language, who remained alone with Orthodoxy, who defends the right of Greeks in their place, is under persecution! If Greek and Orthodoxy are lost, this homeland will be lost to the Greeks as well as the others!
Newcomers, unfortunately, are not worthy of keeping our place. We are ashamed as if it is the duty of other nations to fight to keep it for the Greeks.
What simple truths escape our attention! Is not it a shame? We have to ask God to give us wakefulness. Our greatest sin perhaps now is ignorance and complacency! The last and perhaps the greatest Lesson Jesus taught to His disciples, in the garden of Gethsemane, is to remain vigilant. Do not sleep in the hours of His anguish. Is Jesus angry now for us? I believe it. Let us keep awake the hours of the anguish of Jesus and only to participate in His holy pain. Amen

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